Family Promise of Kandiyohi County is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which finds its origin from a national organization stemming from Summit, New Jersey. We are one of approximately 200 affiliates found in 43 states and Washington D.C. FPKC has partnered with 12 local congregations (and 13 support churches) to provide shelter, meals and hospitality to homeless families within the Willmar/Kandiyohi County area.  Our goal is to do whatever we can to assist homeless families gain emergency shelter, daily meals, and partner with local agencies to equip families with the skills they need overcome homelessness. We believe that families need a “hand up,” not just a “hand out.”

Shelter: The founder of Family Promise birthed the idea of utilizing otherwise empty church space during the week, and transforming that space into viable living quarters for homeless families. Each Host Congregation trains and staffs their facility with volunteers who provide meals, transportation, and positive community connections to our guests. Churches turn their Sunday School classrooms into inviting living quarters/bedrooms for homeless families.

Our Family Promise has chosen to utilize air mattresses (one sized for adults-another sized for children,) so that our guests can have comfortable sleeping arrangements every evening. Full bedding, blankets and pillows are provided for each of our guests. Each night our volunteers prepare meals and snacks for our guests to enjoy. After dinner, they each pack their own lunch for the following day and our families then are free to enjoy the rest of the evening, either in the company of our volunteers, or simply enjoy individual family time alone with each other.

Every morning each family awakens and prepares to be transported by the Family Promise van, or their own personal vehicle (if they choose) back to the Day Center to go off to work (or to school) and have a productive day. Willmar has public school buses that transport children to 5 different school districts. Most often children are able to remain in their school while in the Family promise program. If a guest is unemployed, they will receive services that assist them in securing employment. Here, guests can access local agencies and community resources that may be available to assist them in many areas.

Day Center: At the Day Center (open seven days a week), a Family Promise director provides case management, referrals and support. Families are also able to utilize the “family lounge” area to watch movies, read books, share a meal or just “hang out” after school. Family Promise also provides a play room for the children.

Family Promise of Kandiyohi County provides laundry and shower facilities at the Day Center.